How We Work

Children of Mexico aims to contribute to better education for Mexico’s most vulnerable children. Therefore, we support non profit organizations that work to provide this. Children of Mexico cooperates with local organizations and supports its partners to achieve theír goals, because  they know best what is required in their own communities. We believe that Mexican organizations should not depend completely on foreign donations, but must mobilize local resources

Based on this, we established the following selection criteria for selecting projects:

  • The organization works to provide better opportunities for the most vulnerable children in Mexico.
  • The organization applies a clear and effective methodology based on empowering principles and with proven results.
  • The organization is legally registered in Mexico.
  • The organization either: a) raises minimum 75% of its resources locally, or b) matches our donation with the same ammount raised out of local funds, or c) uses our funds for (fundraising) capacity building.

We are recognised as ANBI by the Dutch tax department. Your donations are tax deductible. Also CBF certified us as a fundraising charity institution meeting their strict requirements.The CBF has been previously accredited by the independent Accreditation Council.